Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well, I made it to 32 week which is a huge milestone. The doctors were afraid I wouldn't make it this far.  God has been good!
Constant bed rest has been difficult but I am coping well.  The hardest part is the fact that my bad leg has such bad atrophy.  When I get up to use the bathroom I have to be really careful, especially at night.  I have already stumbled a few times.  I get to take a shower every other day which may not seem like much but it is a chance for me to sit even if only for 5 minutes.  My hips are getting really sore but so far no bed sores.  I am careful to constantly change positions throughout the day!
As I get bigger, I find it harder to get out of bed.  The sad thing is that I am still pretty small.  My nurses say it looks like I swallowed a basketball.  The doctors aren't sure where I am hiding the babies especially since they are average size for twins at this stage and both have plenty of fluids to move around.  The last measurement was Monday and has one weighing 3lbs 11oz, and the other 4lbs 1oz!  Everyone is really happy with their progress.
My days are filled with lots of television, cards games with my dad, movie day (yes the entire day) with Courtney, football on Sunday and lots of visitors dropping by when they can.  The only time I am truly bored is when there is nothing on television but repeats!
I am learning a lot about preemie babies every time we visit the neonatal unit.  It was scary the first time we went at 29 weeks but the last time was much more encouraging.  If I can make it to 34 weeks the twins will not be in the hospital for very long. 5 weeks ago it seemed like I might not make it but now that goal seems attainable.  If this were like one of my races I would have it in the bag, but it isn't and I have no idea when my body is going to say "It's time!"
It looks like I will be spending Christmas in the hospital but my family is coming to visit and I have been given "outside privileges" which means I can got out side for a little while in a wheelchair.  I am super excited about this because my dad is bringing my dogs and I will finally get to see them after 4 weeks.  To me (other then healthy babies) this is the best Christmas present I could ask for!  I love my dogs and I know they miss me.  Every night when my dad gets home after visiting me he says they look around the house hoping to find me and when they don't they go into my room and lay down.  How sad is that?
This hospital visit has been such a better experience which makes it bearable.  I know I am incredibly blessed and everything will work out.  All the stress I was feeling over the past 5 months has calmed down.  Ultimately I know my life is in God's hands and he just keeps adding to my testimony.  When I share my story with people I truly feel I finally have a happy ending.  As much as my desire was to run or bike again, I have found my purpose right now.  The opportunity to ride again will always be there and if I am meant to run again I will!
I hope all of you have a truly blessed Christmas . . . I know I will!
Powered By God,


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, hang in there and keep staying positive. I am sure you will be back before you know it and wishing for a lay in!!! Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas and a healthy 2010

fishy_outawater said...

Wow, this is great news. Best wishes! I am pregnant too and due any day. Merry Christmas and hang in there a few more weeks!

Mark & Kim said...

I'm a triathlete and an ultrasound technologist so I've been following your story for a while. You've made a huge milestone by getting to where you are in your pregnacy as you're aware with all your research; good work.
As you so eliquently put it everything happens for a reason and I'm excited to find out what that is for you.
Take care and have a happy and holy holiday season.


The Chapples said...

Thanks for updating. I've followed your progress for a long time now and keep you guys in my prayers. You're amazing, for sure.

Red Rock Chica @ Red Rock World said...

Here's wishing you a very very Merry Christmas....and an even better new year! Cheers Jamie!!

Anonymous said...

HEY!. Jamie, wow its been a while. Im glad to hear that your having babies! im really happy for you both! Think about you a lot and wish you both the best. i hope to catch up with you soon.


Cherie said...


Hopefully you've carried those babies into 2010 - please give is an update when you can - even if it is just to say if they are in or out. Thanks! Cherie

Sunny said...

Just heard the good news about your twins birthday from a friend in CA, Keith B. Congrats on carrying them so far; you'll be a great mom! Stay true to your power, and enjoy the next step in the journey, -Sunny