Monday, October 5, 2009

A Child’s Prayer

There is nothing like a child's prayer.  It is so heartfelt and pure.

Last week I went to speak to an Awana kids group at Sierra Bible Church.  It is something I have done every year for the past five or six years just before the Xterra USA Championship.  There is a bike race and then we gather the kids together so I can talk about racing and how important God has been in my life.   I missed last year because I was still in the hospital so it felt good to be back.

I shared what has been going on for the past year and a half and how God's strength has seen me through it all.  The children listened closely for 20 minutes then asked question afterwards.  In the end three volunteered to stand up and pray for me.  Their words were touching and inspiring.  I would like to thank Clif Bar for donating Zbars and Twisted Fruit.  The kids loved them!

I am now five months along and showing.  Walking is still difficult and only going to get harder as I get bigger.  The doctors aren't sure if I will end up in a wheelchair or just needing a walker.  They encourage me to keep up the strength in my left leg.  This isn't as easy as it sounds.  I took a few days off of the elliptical and weights and my leg suffered.  It is amazing how quickly it goes into atrophy without a nerve and glute muscle.  It usually means I have to work that much harder to get back what I lost.  I think that is the biggest difference these days when I work out.  It isn't about training or putting the mileage in . . . it is about maintaining the mobility of my barely functioning leg.  People are always saying I am doing a lot but the reality is if I don't use it I will lose it!  And if you have seen me walking you know how difficult and labored it already is!

My tailbone is still healing.  After a year I thought it would be fine but I am still having trouble sitting for longer than 45minutes.  The memory foam pillow is helping a lot.  The doctors aren't sure about the long term effects on my back with how lopsided I am.  So far I am trying everything I possibly can to prevent future trouble.  We are trying to have an outside gel pack made to put in place of the missing muscle.  It would be like a wonder bra but only for one side.    

Things have been looking up and I am continually blessed by family and friends who have shown so much support!

Powered By God,



Anne Marie said...

Holy cow! I just read up on your blog! Twins! And you're already this far along. Wow!
As a mom of 3 1/2 yr old boy/girl twins, I'm shaking my head & chuckling as I can't wait to read your posts about this adventure. Because adventure it is!

Train-This said...

Jamie I haven't checked in for a while, and I am crying. TWINS! What a blessing. It will work out and I know you know this is the greatest blessing of all!

Susan said...

Jamie - you've not posted anything for a while - hoping and praying that you and the babies are doing well. God Bless