Monday, September 28, 2009

Keeping It Together

In these tough times it is easy for our faith to be tested. I feel that way everyday. I wonder how I am going to make ends meet when I can't really work. Because I am so young it is going to be hard to get disability and yet I have to do something. Courtney and I have truly been blessed through the past year and a half with so much support from everyone. We are so grateful!
This past weekend we took a trip to Utah to help me feel better and get away. We went to watch the Xterra USA Championship race. It was exciting and rewarding to see everyone. It was also a little sad because it was another race where I was sitting on the sideline instead of racing. I did get to announce a little which was great but it would be even better if I could make a living at it. I have been trying to contact some folks to see if they will hire me next year but no word yet! I guess I have to be the squeaky wheel and get my foot in the door.
A good friend of ours GL Brown is putting together a fundraiser at the Xterra World Championship। He has been growing his hair long all year and is going to have it cut at the Paul Mitchell Cut-a-thon in opes of getting a lot of donations। Right now he is asking everyone to join his cause and donate one dollar. He wants to get thousands of people involved around the world and make this happen. I should have more info soon if anyone wants to get involved. Right now it is about passing the word along. Thanks GL for the help! If you would like to donate or learn more, please click here.
Every day seems like a struggle but the goal is always the same . . . just get through and maybe tomorrow will be better! I have been praying for God's strength. I know he has a plan for me but sometimes it is hard to completely trust. Lately I have prayed that he helps me with that. I think that is the hardest part for everyone, to stop trying to be in control and trust God. In the end I know he will provide so why am I so worried?
Powered By God,


Anonymous said...

Why on earth can't you work? If you are able to bring two children into the world and take care of them, you should be able to find a way to support them. You seem to have an inflated sense of entitlement.

damianxp said...

It's tough to work when you are in and out of hospitals battling cancer. Health is a priority at the moment. That belly is getting big too. I would take it easy for now. I'm sure when she is ready, she will have plenty of opportunities.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with "Anonymous" here. Your blog does give the impression of "entitlement". The reality is that there are thousands of folks in this country that are battling cancer who don't have the luxury of not working even during treatment. Furthermore, they aren't asking for a home makeover, free workout equipment, or charity events to be organized on their behalf. You ARE capable of working and you will have do what anyone else would have to do it your situation...find SOMETHING ELSE! This may require taking a desk job somewhere but it will set a much better example for your kids than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and waiting for a handout.

anonymous said...

I really feel for you and can only imagine how hard this all must be. However, I do think that having these "miracle" twins is such a blessing... you are SO focused on training, on racing, on what you used to be able to do... honey, it is time to move on. You are bringing two beautiful lives into this world -- and your life will never be the same. It will be an incredible, wonderful, amazing experience.. and I really, really hope and pray that it can refocus your priorities off of racing, training, working out, and frankly, YOU -- and on to real life (we all have to deal with this). I am speaking from took the birth of my children for me to finally get it through my thick skull that racing and triathlons were not the end all and the be all. We elite (and formerly elite) athletes tend to be self centered... The Lord is most likely pushing you in another direction.

Anonymous said...

Wow- I do not know Jamie personally- only through a HS friend of mine was I made aware of the talent and challenges of this beautiful young woman. But it is very clear to me that Jamie is anything but entitled! She is a Godly young woman who is trying her best to trust the Lord throughout everything she has been through (and from everything she has so openly and graciously shared it's been ALOT more than most of us will ever have to endure. This is Jamie's blog. She has the right to share honestly WHATEVER she is feeling or struggling with and it is wrong to leave unkind and discouraging messages on this blog.

Jamie is on a journey just like the rest of us. She doesn't need anyone out in blogland to condemn her or judge her. I personally think you are amazing Jamie-I was just sharing your latest blog entry with my husband about the newest blessing of your twins!

I do believe that God adores this young woman. She has been through much adversity BUT her spirit is strong and she still praises and honors God throughout everything.

She will be a wonderful mom and God will reveal to her what His plans are for her life. She is allowed to experience and express all and any of her feelings about what she is going through.

This is her blog.

We should be gracious in reading it and in replying to it. Keeping you and your family to be in prayer Jamie. God bless, Christine

Greg in Austin said...

Hi, I read about this on Beginner Triathlete, and just wanted to put my 2 cents in...

To the "Anonymous" folks who ask why Jamie Whitmore cannot work, I suggest you go back and read her story again. Did you see the part where she said,

"I have been trying to contact some folks to see if they will hire me next year but no word yet! I guess I have to be the squeaky wheel and get my foot in the door."

Sounds like she's trying to find a job to me. One that utilizes her knowledge and skills, and one that would allow her to spend time with her family. This method of job searching is called "Networking," and it sounds like she's doing it pretty well.

As to her asking for donations to help her own cause, I think there are thousands of people suffering from cancer doing the same thing every day. Some of them are famous, and some are not. Like that guy that rides bikes: Lance Armstrong... perhaps you've heard of him...

So, for whatever its worth, Go Jamie!

Dean said...

I am thrilled that you are having twins, I wish you every joy in life that they will bring.
I cannot believe some of the comments made here, I think you are a fantastic role model, from looking through your blog the facts are obvious of how hard you try, how strong you are and how focused in life you are.
I do not think you need to re-focus, having a successful, focused, hard working family is the best example to be set for any children in my view. Your skills, dedication and ability have taken you on a path, your path has hit some major obstructions, but I am sure you will beat those and continue very successfully. Good luck to you. I am sure I do not need to say it, but enjoy your family, enjoy your life, have fun and be happy, your children will thank you for bringing them into a happy, hard working and supportive family. I can't think of a better role model than someone who works and fights as hard as you obviously do in life.
well done you!!!

Krista said...

Wow, Anonymous #2, that was pretty harsh. I've seen plenty of charity events being organized, donation jars at restaurants, even events where I work to help out people with cancer and other illnesses. I would think it quite difficult for someone who is still dealing with cancer treatments to get a job when they would frequently have to take off to travel for appointments. I'm sure most employers will not look favorably on that; whether it right or wrong. As far as I know, Jamie and her husband did not ask to nominated for Extreme Home Makeover; they likely did not ask for charity events to be set up and they probably didn't ask for workout equipment. People read this blog and are inspired to help people who are having problems in life.

If you bothered to read her blog, you would see that she is looking for work. But as I stated above, traditional jobs (even desk jobs) are probably difficult to get when you're constantly going to Dr's appointments. I'm sure her husband is in a similar position. Have some empathy people!

damianxp said...

My team organizes 2 annual events, the Lodi Cycle Fest, a cycling crit in Downtown Lodi CA and the Giro D Vino, a bike tour of Lodi's wineries. We donate every year to cancer charities and such. We invited Jaime to come to our Giro D Vino event to hang out and we made a donation in her name. She never asked for anything. We invited her and we insisted she accept a donation. We were in a position to help and gladly did so on our own accord. The event is in its 11th year and has always been a sell out and successful event. She had a great time and many people enjoyed speaking with her.

I know she coaches and does some side work with some athletes. I will be asking her to coach me. She has unique skills and knowledge which are very valuable and seems to me like she has a pretty good side gig as a coach.

I agree, we are privelaged to get an inside look into her situation. People should take notes and get something positive out of this on how to help your friends and family when they are in need.