Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I just wanted to give a quick update since I realized it has been over a month and people are probably wondering how everything is going!  I just can't seem to find the time to do anything other then take care of the two little rug rats!
I went in for a cancer check-up in April and everything looks good.  No sign of cancer!  Yippee!  Such a relief.  I never used to worry about getting checked until I became a mom. 
The boys are already 5 months old now and growing like weeds.  Ryder is still smaller than Christian even though he is the older one.  He has learned to roll over and I fear crawling is just around the corner.  Every time I set him down he flips over and wiggles like crazy.
Christian is content laying on his back.  He is so mellow he is not in a hurry for anything except food.  He is grabbing his toys and holding them.  he does this mostly with his left hand which is probably from the injury to his right shoulder at birth.  The arm is ok and showing good strength but I think it has forced him to be a lefty!
They both laugh a lot and are pretty good babies.  I still don't sleep much because there are two of them and one always demands my attention.  I have had a little time (and energy) to get on the elliptical trainer and workout.  I really needed this for my leg.  It was getting seriously weak.  I can tell a huge difference after only 3 weeks! 
Today I hoped in the water for the first time and swam 1500yards.  I felt like I bench pressed about 200lbs before jumping in.  My arms were hating me big time.  Hopefully I can get in the water at least twice a week because I really need it!  Eventually I would like to get back on the bike but that will be a challenge.  My lack of balance has me concerned.  I know once I get on I will be fine . . . I just don't want to fall off!
It has been a year since they autotransplanted my kidney and everything is working great.  I haven't had any problems at all!  There was a little concern over whether or not I would be able to bend over or do ab workouts without pain and I am happy to say I can do all of it.  i can't even tell I have a kidney in my pelvic area!
My biggest concern physically these days is finding a plastic surgeon to talk about my lack of a glute muscle.  My back is really starting to be affected by my imbalance.  I am pretty sure holding the boys while sitting isn't helping either.  I have to set them down often because of my tailbone!  I am praying I will be able to get an implant . . . but there is a big concern over whether my body will reject it due to the radiation!  I will just have to pray about it and hope for the best!
I am hoping it won't take me as long the next time to fill you all in . . .
Until next time,

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laura puglia said...

hey jamie, i am finally on your site. i wanted to let you know how much i appreciate all the time you took to explain your cancer to me. i told my friend about your webpage. she's still undergoing a lot of tests. see ya at MOPS :)