Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Simple Things

When I look back over the course of the last year and a half it is hard to believe what has transpired.  There were times when life barely seemed to move.  I often think about how much pain I was in and how hard it has been to fight to get back to "normal."  No matter how still time seemed to stand, life does go on.  I am living proof of that!
It is true that you never look at life in the same way when a traumatic event happens.  These days I find myself watching how people move.  It could be in a yoga class, riding a bike or running.  I think about how simple the movements look and wonder why it is so difficult for me?  Do people realize how lucky they are? 
This past weekend I drove to Pacific Grove with my Dad to help announce the triathlon.  I needed to do something and terry Davis was kind enough to give me the opportunity to work with some awesome people.  With Xterra races always starting at 10:30am, I was not used to being ready to go at 6:30 but I managed.  I began with Julie Moss, an Ironman legend, at the swim start.  She introduced a few of the athletes in each wave and got the spectators pumped up while I informed the athletes of how much time before each start.  I also did the count down before the horn!  It was so much fun and very busy.  We worked really well together!
Once we sent all the waves I migrated over to the bike tower where I worked with Nick Tuttle.  We called off names as the bikers lapped around us.  I had to climb a ladder to get to the top of the ladder.  We weren't sure if I could make it up but some how I managed.  Don't ask me how because I am still trying to figure that out!  For the elite riders I explained why they were able to draft and not the age groupers along with other tid bits of information.  I was starting to find my niche!  Towards the end of the race I was at the finish line tower bringing home the athletes after a hard days work.
I also helped with the awards which gave me an opportunity to share my story with a bunch of new people.  It was a long day and i enjoyed every minute of it.
The next day for the sprint distance it was pretty much the same thing except I was able to go solo in the bike tower for awhile.  I am not going to lie, I was a bit nervous at first but I got comfortable pretty quickly!  I had to sit a lot because of being pregnant.  I find myself out of breathe and feeling dizzy which the doctor says is normal.  It may be normal but I am not used to feeling that way.  I like to go, go, go!
As we drove home Sunday afternoon, I knew I had found something I enjoyed.  I only hope I get hired to do more races!
As the nausea gets better I am able to do more and more.  My swimming is up to 2500-3000 yards 3-4 days a week.  I just found out my elliptical trainer should be arriving within the week.  Thank you Matrix and Cal Fit for making this happen.  The more I use the elliptical machine the stronger my leg gets.  Not to mention it is easier to workout on it then it is to walk.  I can hardly wait!
I am now 18 weeks along and still barely showing.  Most folks at the race didn't even know until I told them.  Some thought my stomach was just bloated from the surgery.  I had to laugh . . . my stomach has never been this big.  According to the doctors every thing is fine and my first two blood tests have come back negative for any problems.  It doesn't mean there are none, but it is a good indicator that things are doing well so far.  I keep praying the twins are healthy both physically and mentally.  That is all I care about. 
We are hoping to find out the sex of both by next week so my next update should be informing everyone what we are having.  Make sure you check my website!
Tomorrow I head to San Fransisco for a cancer scan.  I can only get an MRI and I am praying it comes back negative. Please pray for no cancer!! 
Until next time,
Powered By God,


jake rhymes with cake said...

sorry to tell you this, Jamie, but babies' blood has a high affinity for oxygen than your own. and you have a double dose; so those two little stinkers are stealing your oxygen. HAHA! (that's why pregnant women are easily winded). i'll be praying for you ... BTW, they're boys ;D *high five to Court*

Tiffany said...

It was so great to see you at the race on Sunday I only wish I knew it was you there so I could have said hello.