Monday, May 18, 2009


It has been awhile since I last updated my website.  I pretty much left everyone hanging for four weeks.  I apologize for that but things have just been weird.  Every time I sat down to type what is going on I just couldn't.  I have been through so much and things just seem to be . . . well what they are!


The Good:


After all the drama about moving my bladder it ended up not even being an option because there is just too much scar tissue in the area.  My oncologist told the urologists to stay away from that area.  Yes God does answer prayers!  So what are they going to do now?  They are going to auto transplant my kidney.  The doctors are going to remove my left kidney and pull it through an incision in my belly then the transplant team will put it back in my right pelvic area.  They estimate the surgery to be about 8hrs . . . but I know it may be longer then that.  This is a pretty good thing because I will finally get this stupid drain out of my kidney and I will be able to swim and attempt getting back on the bike.


The Bad:


When my kidney is placed back into my pelvic area it will bulge out.  I will have discomfort in a crouching position.  That means riding a road bike may no longer be an option.  My 30min core training may not be possible and flip turns in the pool may not be doable.  I know I have to give this a try because losing my kidney at my age could be a problem in the future but will this hinder the quality of life I want to continue to live?  The doctors tell me because I am so thin it will be more uncomfortable then the average person.  And to top things off I will have to wear a special kidney plate to protect it when I ride off road (and I will mountain bike again!)  I guess that means no contact sports ever again!


The Small Things:


With so many challenges that keep coming my way I have to remind myself about the small things.  Just 5 months ago my leg couldn't last more then 2 minutes in the elliptical trainer and now I can go for 1hr 30min or more.  I could barely walk a 100ft without pain and just the other day I walked one lap of the Xterra Midwest Cup which was 5k.  For a year I have only worn a pair of running shoes (the last pair I ever ran in) and thanks to Fleet Feet Sacramento I found a pair of Keens that fit over my AFO and I can actually wear them with nice pants or skirts!  And I thought I would wear running shoes for the rest of my life.


As much as we sometimes dwell on the negative or worry about how everything is wrong in this world we forget about the small things.  It is so important to look around and realize all that is good and right.  Most importantly we have to remember that our time here is temporary.  We aren't living to die we are dieing to live! 


I celebrated my 33rd birthday two weeks ago and then my 9 year anniversary with Court.  What a joy it was to be able to celebrate after all that I have been through.  Then thanks to Ryan DeCook (and his parents) and Craig Evans I have been able to travel to Michigan and Alabama to continue to be a part of Xterra.  I was able to announce the Xterra Midwest Cup and I will help out in Alabama.  These guys just can't get rid of me!!  I continue to cherish the small things in life.  What else can I do?


I go into surgery on June 8th so please pray that it is successful and that I wake up without discomfort.


Powered By God,




Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Good luck with your surgery, Jamie. I will most certainly be praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Jamie as you prepare for surgery. I am happy for you that you are able to get the drain out- my husband had one in for a month and he was beyond miserable. You've inspired me this morning to focus on what really matters in life. Thank you! God bless, Christine

Anne Marie said...

thank you for your update. as always, you continue to inspire. Will definitely think of you on June 8th and can't wait to hear about you on in the pool and bike.