Monday, February 2, 2009

Still Going

Yikes . . . I don't know where the time goes! I am trying hard to keep my blog updated so everyone knows how I am doing but I seem to always fall behind.

So much has happened since the last time I wrote to you all. I started going to the gym. At first I was a little reluctant because when I go I see the pool and I see folks swimming and it makes me sad. It has been over six months since I last swam and I long to get back into it. Then there is the treadmill. I should be happy with the fact that at least I can use the elliptical trainer but somehow I am not. I would much rather be out there running. I can't believe how much this has affected me. I never know why so many people complain about running. I would trade places in a heartbeat with anyone that hates it that much!

The first time I went to the gym I hopped on the elliptical machine. Two minutes into it my bad leg was fatigued. I decided to continue on. I wanted to go for 30 minutes but I realized I shouldn't push it. After all it has been awhile since I have done anything other then walk. My leg was pretty sore the next day but it felt good to do something. The next time I lasted 30minutes then 35 and then 45. It is difficult to go fast but I push myself as much as I can alternating speeds and the length of time I go fast. I keep it interesting. Just the other day I was on for 56 minutes and I went 6 miles. I was pretty stoked!

I have been trying to find a commercial grade elliptical machine for home so I can use it everyday. We have been looking but none of the stores carry the ones that the gyms have. I don't like the cheaper ones because you don't get a proper stride on them and they have cheap parts which will fall apart pretty quickly. I contacted a friend who owns some gyms in hopes he will be able to help me and possibly help me get a deal since they are very expensive. I need to get one to keep my sanity and to keep me feeling good!

It is an interesting experience for me to go to the gym because of all the people that can't figure out my story. They try not to stare but they can't help it. I think I would stare at me too! Here I am a young gal going to the gym with a cane, an AFO on my leg/foot and a drain coming out of my back. I really get them when I take my shirt off on the elliptical trainer. It must be pretty gross to see the tube coming out of my back. I should where a shirt that says, "Cancer sucks, it paralyzed me but I am not letting it stop me from carrying on with life!"

We just had the 4th annual ICTN camp which was a blast once again. It is such a joy to get to see everyone each year and meet knew people. I love sharing advice on racing and racing for God's glory. This year I was able to share what I have gone through and continue to go through face to face. It was a little hard for me to talk about it and I ended up leaving out a lot. I just couldn't explain an entire year in 1 hour! Courtney and I were so blessed by everyone there especially when they raised almost $3,000 for us to help remodel the bathroom. I cried because so many people care and love us. It is a great feeling to have and very humbling. It truly is easier to give then to receive. We have always tried to give and now we are in a position where we need the help . . . We need to receive and we are so incredibly blessed!

The new location of the camp was Tucson, Arizona. It is a beautiful place to train. I have been there several times for other training camps and loved every minute of the great weather during the winter. The fellowship was great and the messages from each of the pastors hit home. The hardest part was watching everyone take off to train. I wanted to be a part of that but instead I headed to the tiny weight room in the hotel. It had a small weight machine with one treadmill, one broken elliptical trainer and a recumbent bike. I walked on the treadmill and tried to run on it holding myself up with my arms. It didn't work very well. I tried the bike but my foot kept slipping off. The next day Courtney duct taped my foot on and it was great! Gotta love duct tape. When the maintenance man came to give us the tape he asked it I was ok with taping my foot in and I laughed. I explained about my disability and then he apologized. We all laughed some more. It was pretty strange if you didn't know about me being a die-hard triathlete!

It took me all week to recover from the trip. And as usual I am way behind on answering emails. I still haven't mailed my Christmas cards/letter and I have two years worth of taxes to do. My main focus these days are coaching and working out. I am determined to work as hard as it takes to get as good as new as possible. This is not an easy task by any means. Sometimes I get discouraged because it is so hard to do things. It is hard to know how fit I was and how great I always felt. Now I get tired easily or my leg gets tired and stops working. I often trip around the house while I am trying to clean. I will say one thing . . . I am doing way more then expected and I continue to get stronger. I remember when I couldn't even push the vacuum cleaner and now I am vacuuming the entire house! I have to remind myself it is about the small things. I can't jump head first anymore, I have to put my feet in then slowly make my way. In the end I will still get to the same place it will just take a little longer.

I am scheduled for my next CT scan and MRI for February 25th. I wish it were sooner so we can get going on my kidney drain. I am tired of it big time. In the meantime I am praying the scan is clean. I pray that it is cancer free so I can continue to move forward. I don't like taking one step forward just to take 5 steps back. It is time to start making plans for the year and I don't want any more setbacks.

Powered By God,



Sue said...

Nice to here your much is the trainer you want for your home cost...

Sue said...

I just deleted an email that I think came fro you...can you please resend it..

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

You have my prayers for a clean scan. I'm glad to hear you are still making forward progress. Keep up the good work!

Anne Marie said...

So good to hear what's going on with you. We've never met, I've just always been a fan, and continue to be inspired by you.

Chr15 Tree said...

"I am praying the scan is clean. I pray that it is cancer free"

You can add my prayers to that. Best Wishes :)


Terri said...

6 miles in 56 minutes - dang, you're still faster than me! I loved the duct tape story. Duct tape fixes everything. Red Green, and therefore all Canadians, know that. :) It was good to see you again!

Julia Peck said...

omg, I am so happy to read in here again - thank you for blogging when you can. Father, thank you for your healing hand on Jamie - give her strength, courage and complete trust in you on this journey - we will pray for a clean "scan" - take care Jamie... Julia Peck, in Virginia.

Tom said...

Jamie you're amazing! 56 minutes on a trainer with a kidney drain sounds super-human! You've got my prayers too!