Monday, February 23, 2009


It was pointed out that this year might be an emotional one. As my body begins to heal there is still a lot of emotional healing. Sometimes I feel like I am on a rollercoaster, I am up then down then up again!

Last weekend we went to see the start of the Tour of California. I was able to see a bunch of sponsors, old friends and meet new people. Every time I turned around I was talking to someone new. It was just like old times. I had a great time seeing so many people for something other then football or basketball. Cannondale surprised me with a ride in the LiquiGas team car. I sat up front while we hopped on course behind one of the team riders. It was so cool! We were going about 30miles an hour even in the turns. I swore someone was going to step out onto the road and get run over by us. The entire time the Team driver was yelling something in Italian at the rider. I assumed it was "Go fast you are too slow . . . Pick it up!" Something like that. I only know Gratzi, Prego and Chow!

After that we hung out with some of the Cannondale folks and I got a chance to meet Ivan Basso. He signed a poster for me but some how in the translation my name was misunderstood as Chrissie. It would be a big deal except I wanted to hang it up near Ned and all the other posters I have. Courtney made a call to see if another poster could be signed with the correct name but I doubt that will happen. In the meantime I just look at it and laugh. That was one of my fears whenever I would sign autographs for people. I didn't want to mess up a name or misspell anything! So much pressure!!

Tuesday a photographer from the Sac Bee (my local newspaper) shot some photos of me working out at the gym and with my PT. I had to laugh because people were already trying to figure out my deal and then I had someone taking pictures. One lady jumped on a trainer next to me so she could be in a picture not even knowing what it was for. Afterwards she asked and I explained but I am not sure if she understood she wasn't in the photo! I ended up on the elliptical for over an hour. My longest cardio workout so far. I was pretty excited. Thursday I had to match that so I added on the stationary bike. I spent about an hour and 10min combined then hit the weights for an hour or so! I feel so much better when I get to workout I just wish I could do more. I remember when 5 minutes fatigued my leg and now I am going strong for an hour plus in only a month. I guess you never really get rid of the drive to excel.

This weekend was great. I was able to catch up with friends. Saturday morning I was out at a local off-road duathlon. Then it was off to see very dear friends of mine since I was a kid. We swapped cancer stories and reminisced over old times. It was so great to see them. I realized how much I have missed out on with all the traveling but was glad I got a chance to catch up. I am hoping I get to visit more and do whatever I can to help out.

Sunday it was off to the gym, church and then my best buddy Kacey's house. I haven't seen her for awhile either. We had a great time getting on line and looking up old friends on face book. I just found out there is going to be a 15year high school reunion for us this September. I think I should have a shirt made before I go explaining what is going on so everyone doesn't ask what happened to me!! Not that I mind sharing, I just don't want to tell the same story over and over in one night!

I have started getting into Face book a little more. Everyone says I need to update it more often and write on their wall or whatever you do on it. So all morning I have been sifting through friend requests and chatting online with people. It was actually pretty cool and highly addicting. I better be careful with that. Everyone I talked to was shocked I was online. They know me so well!

This Wednesday I head back to UCSF for a CT and MRI scan. I will know that day if there is any sign of cancer. If I am clean we move forward with surgery on my blockage and if I have cancer we move forward with chemo. I feel like I have been in a holding patter for so long wondering "How's it gonna be?" I trust that God will continue to give me the strength to get through whatever lies ahead in the upcoming days. I am confident everything will be ok!

Please pray there are no signs of cancer and that the doctors will be able to fix my ureter!

Continuing to be . . .

Powered By God,



Anonymous said...

It was sooo good to catch up with you today on Facebook! I will be praying for you and I hope to see you soon! Take Care, Anna Kalpakgian Cramsey

Kacee said...

Hey Jaime: I am not too familiar with how blogs work, but a friend of mine sent me your web blog and I wanted to let you know to check this website out. I am a stage 4 terminal Cancer survivor and treated my Cancer with high doses of Vitamin C. Here is the link

Feel free to give me a call anytime and we can chat, contact info on the website


Marianne said...

Jamie: Great article in the paper today. You are truly an inspiration. Thanks for giving hope and strength to others. You are the epitome of the saying, "Get busy living."

The Colorado Petty's said...

JAMIE!! It has been so long that I don't know where to begin. Kristen shared the article in the paper with me, and all I can say is you are a truly amazing person! I know we each go our own ways in life after high school, but your story is a truly amazing one! I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I will have to pull out the old high school year book and reminisce about the gymnast in braces :-)

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

You have my thought and prayers for sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for good, good news on your scans today!
you go girl!!


Doug Reid said...

Hi Jamie,
I talked with you for a minute at the Tour of California, you were sitting at the Cannondale booth. I'm the executive pastor at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento. I'd like to talk with you more on how we can team up to help you in your mission. I know you don't know my wife and I but we are huge fans and are praying for your complete recovery. My email address is I'd love to talk more with you.

Thanks and God Speed,

Doug and Gretchen Reid