Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Awsome!

Yes, it is Courtney (for those of you who don't know me I am Jamie's husband) again.I am tired of writing you with bad news all the time so I though I would sprinkle in some good stuff too. I think I will start off with some good news. The Doctors think Jamie might be coming home this weekend. If she gets to come home it will be great, the dogs miss her alot, and I am going nuts without her around. Now with a little bit of the bad. The Doc's are guessing Jamie has a bone infection, and this would explain all the problems she has been experiencing over the past few weeks. Today they (the nursing staff) installed a pic line into her arm. For those of us who don't speak hospital, this is a semi-permenant line to administer IV fluids over an extended period of time. Bone infections are very serious and require large amounts of antibiotics ( at least 1 month). The medical staff installed this pic line so we (her father and I ) can give her her meds every day.Because of all the Infections Jamie has been dealing with or the past 2 months or so she has not been able to start her chemotherapy. This scares me a little,but if she is not healed the chemo could possibly kill her, so give her the antibiotics baby! So on to the AWSOME. Over the past month or so people have really rallied behind Jamie and done some amazing things. Maverick coffee has made a special blend to benefit J-dog. A few X-terra athletes (some pro) are arangeing a silent auction at the national championship race in Tahoe, and the "trichics" have organized a informal 5k in Santa Rosa and Sacramento on Nov 2nd called run for Jamie (you can check more out on It's things like this that lets us know how wonderful a world we live in, where fellow athletes can band together and help out one of there fallen sisters and raise her up on their shoulders and carry her to the finish line. We are honored to know each and everyone of you and have you in our lives.
thank you from the bottom of our hearts 


Anonymous said...

I'm just a jamie fan who has been following her story and am thinking of you all every day. let us know when the coffee will be sold/ready and I'm signing up for the 5k run in nov!

Gurjeet Barayah said...


I haven't run a 5K since my freshman year at Davis after I started having compartment syndrome problems again, but you can bet I will be out there on November 2nd!

Keep fighting like the trooper that you are. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Sending love and support from the entire Barayah family.


Tiffany said...

Thanks for the info on the 5K, hope all goes well for the weekend
I'm new to the sport and have read so much about Jamie.

Anna Kalpakgian-Cramsey said...

Hi Jamie,

I just read about you in the Fleet Feet newsletter. I wanted to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you. You are truly and inspiration to so many people. I still remember watching you race in high school like it was yesterday.

You know I will be there for your run on Nov. 2nd. I will drag as many people as I know... maybe even some old EGHS and Valley Cross Country and Track folks! Whatever I can do to help, I am there.

Anna Kalpakgian-Cramsey

Anonymous said...

I'd like to run the 5k also, I'm so happy thats happening for you. Of course I can't make it a day without coffee either, so I'll be looking for that as well! Been running with your sister. I'm sure she doesn't think so, but she certainly shares your running genes! She kicks my butt every week :) We all keep on praying Jamie!


Martha Van Inwegen said...

Courtney, do you know who I can contact to donate products for the Xterra Silent Auction?

Anonymous said...

God bless you both.
I met both of you at La Ruta 2005.
Great chatting with you both at the end of the race (with a cold one) and during the race (we pretty much kept the pace together for most of the 3 days).

My heart and prayers go out to you both through these tough times.


Anonymous said...

Following your story all the way from Germany, we're anxious for a follow up report. You're so loved and thought of every day! Hang in there.