Monday, June 30, 2008

Bamboo and a Rock

Would you rather have one good foot standing on a rock or two good feet standing in quick sand?

I may only have one good foot but I am surely standing on solid ground. It is my faith that gives me such stability. As bad as it may get, I always know where I am going.

The last few weeks have been about swimming. I am up to 6 days a week and loving every minute of it. I can swim about 250yards without a pull buoy which doesn't seem like much. If you saw me the first time I got in the water you would know this was quite an accomplishment. The rest of the time I use the pull buoy and even my paddles. I am getting stronger and stronger with upper body lifting. And it seems like everyday I meet someone new at the gym. Lots of folks stare and try to figure out what is wrong with me and occasionally some ask. I happily tell them I had a cancerous nerve tumor removed and it left my foot paralyzed with a smile.

As much as I keep having these minor setbacks (ok major) I continue to try to set goals for myself. The first is trying to get to Xterra Japan. Not to race but to cheer on those that have been sending their support throughout my ordeal. I have gone to this race for the past 4 years and I don't want to miss it this year. Friends from Saipan will be there and I was hoping to talk some folks from the U.S. into going. I even spoke to my radiation doctor asking him if it would be possible if I had to start chemo just before the trip. He smiled and said, "I guess if you can do a triathlon you could hop on a plane and go to Japan." He did ask me if I was planning to race and I laughed!

Another goal is trying to do a relay at the Xterra Tahoe Championship. With all this swimming I figure I can at least do the swim. Courtney wants me to try the entire short race on the back of a tandem. It would mean walking the run but I am up for the idea. I figure I will know for sure closer to the day of the race. There are a ton of other goals, but I have to remember to slow down.

I like to think of myself as a piece of bamboo. It is hard to contain and it can endure a lot. That pretty much says it all. When I showed up for my weekly physical therapy at Body Concepts with Rob, his partner Linda had a surprise waiting for me. She presented me with a beautiful painting, that she painted of bamboo. It was perfect! She even had Chinese Characters painted on it by her teacher describing what she wanted to convey through the painting. I was speechless. For those that know me well, this does not happen often!

Not much has truly brought me to tears since going through all of this but one thing surely has . . . generosity. Kind gestures like the bamboo painting, simple emails saying, "I am praying for you," and the support from so many. I can smile everyday because I know somewhere, somehow I am inspiring someone. I will continue to fight hard and push the limits because I will always have someone there with me from God, to family and friends.

All of this has made my plight to get on Extreme Makeover Home Edition all the more important. I would like to have triathlons camps on our property. These camps would be for anyone and everyone but I would like to start sponsoring Challenged Athletes and teach them the skills needed to try an Xterra! After all, I am learning first hand what it is to do things with a disability!

Yes, I am happy because I know I may have only one good foot, but I am standing firmly on a rock!

Powered By God,



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