Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hey Everyone,
            Courtney here... First, let me say thanks for all your prayers and concerns for Jamie and me. You guys are great! But I know most of you want to know how Jamie's doing and she's doing really good. The doctors were able to get all of the tumor out and they say Jamie can get back to a normal life soon. We look forward to no more pain and just hanging out with our dogs, family and friends.

If you can, it would be great to see you Saturday at "Jamie's Ride," for no other reason than to just say thanks to those of you who have been so incredible during this time. If you can't make it, please, keep sending your encouraging emails ( I read them to Jamie and they have really helped during this time when we needed to hear something good.

Again thanks!

Jamie and Courtney


bradinthesand said...

Coming to you live from the heart of San Jose (Saipan, that is), it's The Sports Show with Brad and Shan, checking in to wish J-Dawg a speedy recovery.

You're aces, Jamie. Courtney will keep the bike in tune while the docs take care of your "baseball."

We love you and we're praying for you out here on Saipan. We'll save some pugua for you.

Just come back out here and visit us when you're ready to live the good life.

Take care guys,


BUMP said...

We wish you, our reigning Bump N' Grind Women's champ, all the best in your speedy and full recovery. Your presence this June will be sorely missed. Apart from being the world class competitor, you are the gracious champion we all need. We are all praying for you. Get better. All those folks looking at the back of your jersey need you!!!!!

The Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP).