Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fwd: Hey Jamie!

Hi Jamie
This is Takashi Maystorm Japan.  I was so shocked when I hear about you for the first time, especially after seeing bright Jamie at your home when we visit your place last year. I could not imagine you are in this battle field now. 
But as a supporter and a XTERRA FAMILY, I really prey for your recovery and coming-back even stronger than before!  I strongly believe you will get over this.  I know you are strong and mentally tough girl.  God will save you surely.  Try not hurry, just see the sunny side.  We will give you some help if we can do any.
As I am a webmaster of XTERRA JAPAN, I(we) also getting some message and donations for you from XTERRA JAPAN family.  We will pass those periodically.
Keep up being positive! We will contact you soon!
Gambatte!  You are always "Ichiban" girl!!!
Talk to you soon.
Takashi Saito
Maystorm Japan 

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